Art by Angelo Giokas: Selected Works
My hybrid paintings emerge from the sensual, lustful, and introspective relationships I have with the world, as well as the ephemeral and hopeful elements of the human condition. In my work, mixed media layers of paint, natural materials, and collage imagery, among others, are combined into neo-expressionist compositions

At one level, the work is co-created from a metaphysical and material context; an exploration of the anti-mimetic qualities of pictorial communication. But though I am deeply interested in the associative powers of language, my efforts try to directly emphasize the non-traditional, non-academic, and uniformed process of creation. Irrespective of the outcome, I focus on the synergy of the materials and my unhindered and unwavering passion for something fundamentally self-taught, raw, and pure.

The shapes of scratches on my studio floor cease to have magic when looked at in the relation to survival and profit. I paint because of the 'bliss point.'

I received a BA in Creative Arts from Siena College and studied interdisciplinary art theory at Goldsmiths College, University of London, in 2011. Over the past 2 years, I have shown in a number of group exhibitions and live painting events in the local New York City art scene. I live in Queens, New York, and currently work out of my self-proclaimed Private Universe Studio: a wooden shed converted into a space to execute my artistic energies.

As always, thanks for looking!!!
Blessings for every one of you here and to all my family, friends and fans to whom I owe my everlasting gratitude
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