Art by Angelo Giokas: Selected Works
Private Universe Studio:

Revitalizing contemporary artistic awareness with pure forms, raw visuals, and unwavering ambition. I am mostly interested in metaphysics, art theory, and humanness but my inspiration can come from anywhere.

When painting, I have an experience that awakens in me a great, unhindered sense of the quality of the moment. It is pure bliss, regardless of temptation, accident, struggle, and success. It is the plenum of total joy. The art is the process. I just happen to call myself a hybrid painter because I work with more than just paints.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York, and currently work in my self-proclaimed Private Universe Studio; a wooden shed that I converted to a space to execute my artistic energies. I graduated Cum Laude from Siena College, in which my artistry was mostly self-taught. I also studied at University of London, Goldsmiths College, which became one of the most important experiences of my life.

As always, thanks for looking!!!
Blessings for every one of you here and to all my family, friends and fans to whom I owe my everlasting gratitude
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