Art by Angelo Giokas: Selected Works

"As an artist coming of age at a time when the distinctions between traditional art, modern art, street art and digital art seem to have become irrelevant, Angelo’s paintings embody an energetic clash of aesthetic paradigms. Collage elements and digitally rendered imagery blend with heavy-handed abstraction and landscape references.

Some of the compositions seem unresolved, or is it perhaps that there is an aesthetic arising from the fusion of elements that I can’t quite pull into focus yet because it is outside of my own generational comfort zone? I can see in Angelo’s work the struggle with the image, the attempt to pull something out of nothing, the willingness to go where it doesn't make sense to go...that the sincere painter must have.

I enjoy looking at his paintings and trying to digest their unfamiliar combinations. There are moments in his works, a juxtaposition of color, a blending of digital and hand painted form, the strange drip of a material I don’t recognize, where he nails it in the best painterly sense and the piece becomes alive and mysterious."

-Michael Maxwell, Curatorial Notes The Lobby Show, Roger Smith Hotel