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Media Radar/Adverotiral
Media Radar/Adverotiral
Mixed media and enamel paint on canvas 48" x 48"

Commissioned work


Private Company -- New York, N.Y.

"Raw" data is good. Information you can use right now is better. So I did what I do best and sought to create an artwork as raw as it is handmade and latent. This work is my attempt to inform the viewer of the ingenuity of the company which bears its name (Media Radar), as well as to manifest the massive amount of data which we utilize. At a very abstract level, the publications' covers ought to reflect a holistic sense of "taking part." Indeed, workers in each department handled each page, and as it passed from Inventory to Check-In, to Scanning, and then to the Production Associates, it accumlates the energy of our efforts. From this, the artwork "grows" from a very abstracted state. Quintessentially, I think, I wanted to create an "artistic and poetic vision of what it is like to be inside ConMan (the database) as if it were a tangible essence." The massive amounts of data dressed as pixels and codes, which is constantly being worked on and refined, is reflected in the seemingly apparent, rapid, and "all over" composition.